Hello! I'm Aiki or Nijuu and this is my big gay blog. It's a multifandom blog, but I post a lot of Kuroko no Basket as you may notice. Only because I love it so much okay. LETS BE FRANDS!

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I had an idea (or AU) few weeks ago about Prince Aomine and his concubine. > A > (poor Kagami T 3 T;; )
I drew 2 pics already but those look worse than this hahh *dies*
Anyway Kagami finally got the strength to escape but I guess he will stay in the end. > 3 > 
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i’ve read so much fanfiction that i am no longer attracted to boys as a woman, but as a gay male


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Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke

Pairing: MidoTaka (Midorima/Takao)

Rating: G

Words: 478

Theme: Rickshaw

Inspired by the lovely AnonWithPrompt

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 #kagami taiga  #kurobasu  #nijuu cosplay adventures  #i was too lazy to bind so have femme!taiga
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harumelys asked : Wait - you have twitter? Gimme your username so that I can follow you :3

I’m tagamikaiga on Twitter ^o^

Anyone can follow me~~ Its my fujo/otaku account mostly so basically more of my tumblr- but in real time!

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kaizokuniichan asked : AHHH ASDFK; THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ME. And welcome back! This is such an exciting time :D

HELLO MY DEAR!! Thanks so much for the welcome- I’m REALLY glad to be back!!